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At Art Class Mumbai, we provide a range of classes to accommodate students of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. Renowned painters Kishore Pratim and Mithu Biswas instruct our programs, which provide in-depth instruction and hands-on practice to help you develop your creative talents and let your imagination flow. Our courses are perfect for those who are just starting out and would want to learn more about the field of art. The concepts of composition, painting, and drawing are covered in this course, which is taught by Kishore and Mithu. For individuals with some creative experience, our Course offers an opportunity to study new techniques and build on existing skills. Under Mithu and Kishore’s guidance, students will go further into mixed media, oil, watercolors, and acrylics. Students will use a combination of studio work and outdoor activities to hone their creative talents and develop a distinct artistic voice. The path to being a professional artist starts here.

Beginner Courses

Our Beginner Course at Art Class Mumbai is the perfect starting point for those who are new to the world of art. Led by acclaimed artists Kishore Pratim Biswas and Mithu Biswas, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Throughout the course, students will learn basic techniques, including line drawing, shading, and color mixing. Through a series of engaging lessons and hands-on exercises, they will gain confidence in their artistic abilities and develop a solid foundation for further exploration. Here, the students will have the opportunity to experiment with various mediums, including pencils, charcoal, watercolors, and acrylics. They will also learn about composition, perspective, and other essential principles of art.

Pencil Sketch:

Discover the best pencil sketching techniques at our art school. We provide unmatched starting instruction, assuring proficiency from the first stroke. Develop your abilities and let your imagination run wild while learning from seasoned pros. Come along and start your creative adventure with us now!

Pencil Drawing:

Explore the skill of pencil drawing through our art school’s specialized instruction. Designed to accommodate individuals who are just starting out, our personalized instruction guarantees complete mastery of all pencil techniques, including shading and detailing.

Pastel Colour Paintings:

Join us at our art school for an exciting exploration of pastel color paintings. Our professional instruction is designed to help novices become proficient in blending, layering, and composition. Learn from the best as you explore the vibrant pastel palette and unleash your imagination. Start your vibrant creative journey now!

Water Colour Paintings:

Explore the fascinating world of watercolor paintings at our renowned art school. Designed for novices, our professional advice guarantees proficiency in composition, mixing, and washing methods. Learn about the brilliance and fluidity of watercolors from experts in the field. Join us now to ignite your imagination and begin your vibrant creative adventure!

Paper Collage:

Our art school offers a thrilling paper collage experience. Our skilled instruction helps novices learn cutting, layering, and composition. Paper collage under the guidance of experts lets you express your creativity. Start your painting journey now!


Explore the realm of creation at our renowned art school. Our expert tuition may help you learn knitting, crocheting, and sewing quickly. Use your imagination and discover endless possibilities with skilled instruction. Start pursuing your aspirations now!

Per Month Rs. 2000/-, Weekly One Class, Duration 1 Hours

Advance Courses

Take your artistic skills to new heights with our Advanced Course at Art Class Mumbai. Led by renowned artists Kishore Pratim Biswas and Mithu Biswas, this course is designed for experienced artists looking to refine their techniques and expand their creative horizons. Throughout the Advanced Course, students will delve deep into advanced drawing and painting techniques, exploring concepts such as composition, color theory, and texture. In addition to studio work, students will participate in group critiques and discussions, providing valuable feedback and insights into their work. Whether you’re interested in honing your skills in a specific medium or exploring new artistic styles, this course offers a supportive and inspiring environment for growth and exploration. By the end of the Advanced Course, students will have developed a unique artistic voice and a portfolio of work that reflects their creative vision. Join us today and take the next step in your artistic journey!

Study Drawing:

Our art school’s advanced drawing classes reveal the complex world of drawing. Our advanced rendering, anatomy, and perspective program is for seasoned artists. As you improve, learn from industry veterans to explore new creative mediums. Improve your drawing skills now with our advanced classes.

Pencil Sketch:

Our acclaimed art school offers an interesting pencil drawing tour. This class covers advanced shading, perspective, and composition for seasoned artists. Discover new creative outlets by learning from experts. Improve your pencil sketching talents with our advanced lessons!

Still Life:

In our more advanced art classes, you may delve into the subtlety of still life. Lighting, composition, and advanced rendering methods are extensively covered in our program, which is designed for skilled artists. Unlock new depths of realism and expression by refining your talents under the direction of industry specialists. Discover our advanced classes and take your still life skills to the next level!

Human Figure Study:

Experience human figure studies in our advanced art school programs. Our program covers anatomy, gesture, and advanced rendering for advanced artists. Improve your talents with industry specialists to add realism and expressiveness. Improve your figure study skills with our advanced classes!

Pen & Ink Sketch:

Explore advanced pen and ink drawing at our prestigious art school. For experienced artists, our curriculum covers detailed line work, cross-hatching, and advanced composition. Improve your expertise with industry pros to add detail and emotion. Increase your pen and ink drawing skills with our advanced classes!

Water Color Paintings:

Our art class bestows the knowledge of refined watercolor works. For advanced artists, our curriculum covers glazing, color theory, and wet-on-wet painting. Under the guidance of experts, discover new levels of brilliance and creativity. Improve your watercolor painting skills with our advanced lessons!

Acrylic Paintings:

Experience advanced acrylic painting at our Mumbai art school. We teach advanced techniques like impasto, layering, and texture manipulation to experienced artists. Improve your skills with industry experts to expand your expression. Improve your acrylic painting skills with our advanced classes!

Oil Paintings:

At our Mumbai art school, take a mesmerizing voyage via advanced oil painting learning. Designed with experienced painters in mind, our program explores advanced techniques including glazing, impasto, and alla prima. Develop your expertise under the direction of specialists in the field to uncover new levels of expressiveness and depth. Take advantage of our advanced classes to improve your oil painting skills now!

Per Month Rs. 4000/-, Weekly One Class, Duration 2 Hours

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