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Admission Rules

Thank you for considering Mumbai Art Class for your artistic journey. To ensure a smooth admission process and facilitate your learning experience, we have established the following admission rules:

Advance Payment: All students are required to pay a three-month advance fee upon admission to Mumbai Art Class. This advance payment secures your placement in the class and covers the initial period of instruction.

Quarterly Payments: Following the initial three-month period, students are required to make quarterly payments for the duration of their enrollment. Quarterly payments ensure continuity of classes and help us maintain the quality of instruction and facilities provided.

Payment Methods: Payments can be made via cash, bank transfer, or online payment methods as specified by Mumbai Art Class. Please ensure that payments are made on time to avoid any disruption to your learning schedule.

Class Schedule: Classes will be conducted at the address mentioned in our official communications and on our website. It is important for students to arrive punctually for their scheduled classes to make the most of their learning experience.

Attendance and Participation: Regular attendance and active participation in class activities are essential for progress and improvement. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes unless prevented by unavoidable circumstances. Any absences should be communicated to the instructor in advance.

Code of Conduct: Students are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes a respectful and supportive learning environment. Disruptive behavior or actions that interfere with the learning of others will not be tolerated.

Class Materials: Students are responsible for bringing the necessary materials and supplies as specified by the instructor. Mumbai Art Class may provide certain materials or equipment, depending on the course requirements.

Feedback and Evaluation: Feedback from students is valued and encouraged to ensure continuous improvement in our programs. Periodic evaluations may be conducted to assess student progress and provide personalized guidance.

Amendments to Rules: Mumbai Art Class reserves the right to amend or modify these admission rules as deemed necessary. Any changes will be communicated to students in advance.

By adhering to these admission rules, we aim to provide a structured and enriching learning environment for all students at Mumbai Art Class. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting your artistic journey.

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